美国网红Miquela惹争议:她究竟是不是真人? | 双语阅读
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Miquela, or “Lil Miquela”, is a freckled, fresh-faced singer, fashion influencer, model and activist. In two years, she has accrued a following of 1m on Instagram. Her Spotify page has had millions of song streams and she is granted backstage access to exclusive events. Recently she showed them around the Prada AW18 show space by flying a drone around the venue. She has also starred on the front cover of King Kong magazine showing off a bare and rather perky posterior. The thing that sets her apart? She doesn’t really exist.

Miquela,又称“Lil Miquela”,是一名新晋歌手、时尚博主、模特和社会活动人士。仅用了两年时间,一脸雀斑的Miquela就已经在Instagram上吸引了百万粉丝。她在音乐平台Spotify上发布的单曲已有数百万点播量。她还获准进入一些独家活动的后台。不久前,她出现在Prada18年秋冬系列秀场,在秀场周围飞无人机。她还裸着明晃晃的翘臀,登上了《King Kong》杂志的封面。是什么令她如此与众不同?因为她不是真人。

① freck

美国网红Miquela惹争议:她究竟是不是真人? | 双语阅读

led ['frek(ə)ld] adj. 有雀斑的;有斑点的

例句: She wrinkled her freckled little nose in anger and swiped away her chestnutbrown hair.


② accrue [ə'kruː] v.(逐渐)增长;积累

例句: And, once the revolution had occurred, why did the gains accrue so disproportionately to countries in Europe and North America?


③ perky ['pɜː(r)ki] adj. 高兴的;快活的

例句: It is to do with feeling perky enough to produce an amusing stream of conversation.


Screenshot: ftchinese.com

Miquela is an avatar. But when first scrolling through Miquela’s Instagram page she could easily pass off as a real person: she wears the latest designer labels, attends fashion dinners and book signings and enjoys spaghetti lunches with her friends. It’s only on closer inspection you start to notice the strange homogeneity about her features — the too immaculately shiny smooth and brightened skin, facial symmetry and the hair, always in the same style, two buns with a straight uniform fringe with never a strand out of place. She’s just a little too perfect.


Her provenance is mysterious. Is she modelled on a real person? Who controls her? And from where did she come? Industry insiders suggest that Miquela is the product of a team effort, but precious little else is known about her. Her privacy is very closely guarded.


④ avatar [ˈævəˌtɑː(r)] n. (某种思想或品质)化身;(网络)头像,替身

例句: Robyn's avatar walks over to the chimp rolling the ball and crouches down in front of it.


⑤ homogeneity [.həʊməʊdʒə'niːəti] n. 同质;同种

例句: Yet without such patterns the world appears to be such an undifferentiated homogeneity that man is unable to make any sense out of it.


⑥ immaculately [ɪ'mækjələtlɪ] adv. 无瑕;干净利落;非常

例句: As always he was immaculately dressed.


⑦ provenance ['prɒvənəns] n. 起源;出处

例句: This poem has no convincing provenance.


Screenshot: ftchinese.com

In a world where we are now saturated with “fake news” and ever advancing technologies Miquela represents an industry in the throes of its own identity crisis. Commentators argue over the validity of her social media influence. Others see her as the future of fashion, the vision of a landscape where we no longer need “real” people to sell us things any more.


Miquela engages with her audience constantly but is now opening up in interviews about herself and what she stands for. Via email, she discussed some of the questions regarding the ever-growing force that is “Lil Miquela”. And the things that inspire her.

Miquela与粉丝互动不断,但现在也开始接受采访,回答一些个人和立场问题。她通过邮件回答了部分问题,例如关于“Lil Miquela”日益高涨的影响力,以及有哪些人或事激励了她。

⑧ saturate ['sætʃəreɪt] v. 浸透;使湿透;使充满

例句: In the last days before the vote, both sides are saturating the airwaves.


⑨ throe [θrəʊ] n. 剧痛;阵痛

例句: But China must suffer the throe in the process of modernization.


Screenshot: ftchinese.com


Q: Where are you from?


A: I’m a 19-year-old from Downey, California.


Q: Why do you think your Instagram persona has become so successful?


A: I think people initially come to my page because my look is interesting. I share music, style and political interests and I hope people take away something informational or inspirational.


Q: Who or what is your greatest source of inspiration?


A: Definitely my friends and living in LA! Every day I’m creating new relationships and experiences.


Screenshot: ftchinese.com

Q: You tackle a lot of social causes and political issues on your feed. You organised a transgender awareness dinner last month and have a link to the Black Lives Matter donate site in your bio. Why is it important to you to promote these causes?

从你的主页上看,你会参与许多社会活动和政治议题。3月份你组织了一场跨性别关注晚宴。从你的个人简介上看,你还与“Black Lives Matter”捐款网站有关联。你觉得为什么有必要推动这些运动?

A: I’ve been lucky enough to have a good following and I want to share causes I am passionate about! Many times these cases don’t get a lot of media attention so I try and push their reach a little further.


⑩ bio ['bi:əʊ] n. 同“biography”;个人经历

例句: In the bio section of his page, Zuckerberg writes simply, "I'm trying to make the world a more open place. "


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Q: You are very involved with your virtual following and community. Why?


A: I’m really engaged because I’ve made so many meaningful relationships through Instagram. I’ve had such positive responses and comments to my posts and stories. I have been able to work with some of my fashion idols and travel to new exciting places all because of those interactions.


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Q: You’ve said in previous interviews that you make money from your music on Spotify and your modelling jobs. Which fashion brands have you worked with?


A: I’ve been lucky enough to work with brands I admire and respect. Prada, Pat McGrath and Proenza Schouler are a few and I’m still pinching myself. A year ago I would have never imagined this.

我十分幸运,能与我欣赏和尊重的品牌合作。其中包括Prada、Pat McGrath和Proenza Schouler。现在我还时常感觉像在做梦。这一切在一年前都是不敢想象的。

Q: Which music artist would you love to collaborate with the most?


A: My number one artist I would love to do anything with is Rihanna. I don’t even have to collaborate with her, I’m fine with sitting within 100 feet of her!


⑪ pinch [pɪntʃ] v./n. 捏;掐;拧

例句: But then how would you know that you didn't just dream the pinch itself and then transition into a different dream?