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  A cat goes to a river every day. He wants to go fishing. But he can’t catch any fish.


  One day, he goes to the river as usual. Suddenly a fish comes out. He catches the fish. He is very happy. He forgets to put the fish in the basket. He dances and sings. He shouts, “I have a fish! I have a fish!” All his friends come to see him.

  一天,他像往常一样去了河边。突然一条鱼浮出了水面。他捉到了那条鱼。他非常开心。他忘记把 鱼放到篮子里去了。他又唱又跳,叫道:“我捉到一条鱼!我捉到一条鱼!”他所有的朋友都过来 看。

  “Where is your fish? Let us have a look at it. ” his friends say.


  “It’s there, near the bank.” the cat answers. But he can’t find the fish. When he sings and dances, the fish jumps back into the river.

  “在那儿,河岸附近。”猫回答道。但是他找不到那条鱼。当他又唱又跳的时候,鱼跳 回了河里。


  as usual 像往常一样,像平常一样

  suddenly adv. 突然地

  forget v. 忘记

  have a look at 看一看,看一眼

  shout v. 叫,喊

  bank n. 河岸


  1. The cat goes to the river every day to ______.

  A: catch fish

  B: eat fish

  C: play

  2. One day, a fish comes out and he _________.

  A: eats it

  B: catches it

  C: lets it go

  3. The cat’s friends come to see the fish, but they see _______.

  A: nothing

  B: a small fish



: a big fish

  4. Where is the fish at last (最后)?

  A: In the basket.

  B: In the river.

  C: In the cat’s mouth.


  1. A 2. B 3. A 4. B