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So this happened almost an hour ago.这件事发生在大约一小时之前。

I just finished coming from the ticket checker thingy我刚从检票口办完手续回来

and I was hungry since I hadn’t eaten breakfast.还没有吃早饭,感到饥肠辘辘

So I wanted to buy some food.所以我想买点吃的。

I spotted at chocolate croissant and water calling my name我发现一只巧克力可颂面包和一杯矿泉水正呼唤着我

so I ordered it and went to get my money.于是我点了这份餐,准备拿钱付账

But I had put my money in my bag being put on my plane可是我的钱在钱包里,钱包已经装在包里寄存了

so I had no money.于是此刻我身无分文

I was going to tell the cashier 我正准备向收银员说明情况

but the woman and her daughter intervened 没想到一位女士和她的孩子打断我

and offered to buy my food.提出要为我付款

I thanked them graciously .我万分感激,连连道谢

We were going t


o the same boarding gate我们去了同一个登机台

so I repaid them with a song on my Baritone ukulele.我用自己的尤克里里为她们弹奏了一支曲子作为报偿

They made my day and I really appreciate the human race right now.她们让我这一天都充满了幸福感,此刻我觉得人性是多么温暖啊!