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It had been cloudy, chilly, rainy and gray for three days.三天以来气温持续偏低,天空不是乌云密布就是阴雨连绵。

It was November. The colorful Autumn leaves had reached their peak and were now falling fast.11月的秋叶已经走过了它们最辉煌的时期,如今正簌簌落地。

The hillsides were dotted with the skinny skeletons of bare trees.瘦骨嶙峋的树干光秃秃的,点缀着苍茫的山坡。

I pulled my jacket tighter around me as I walked through the gusty winds and saw the leaves swirling to the ground.我逆着风向前走,看着树叶打着旋儿落下,我把自己的夹克衫裹得更紧了些。

I tried to smile but couldn't. In spite of delightful intentions the dark, dreary days were dragging me down.我想为自己笑一笑,却笑不出来。虽然我很想为自己打打精神,阴沉的天气却让我高兴不起来。

I walked on through the wet leaves while my shoes slowly got soaked.我踩着潮湿的落叶向前走,鞋子慢慢被湿透了。

My cold toes didn't bother me as much as my damp spirits.我感到自己的脚尖冰凉,但比起我低沉的情绪,这还不算什么。

My body was tired. My energy was low.我感到疲乏,精神怏怏。

Suddenly, though, I felt something warm.没想到,突然间,我感到一阵温暖。

A break in the clouds had appeared and sunbeams were streaking through it down to the earth once again.乌云中突然出现了一道亮光,太阳的光线穿过云层,大地重又温暖起来。

I closed my eyes and turned my face to the sweet sunshine .我闭上眼睛扬起脸,让肌肤感受温暖的阳光。

It's warmth washed over me.我从头到脚感到一阵暖意。

I looked around and saw the remaining leaves on the trees sparkling in the sunlight.我环顾四周,看到树枝上残留的树叶在阳光下熠熠生辉。

It made their colors even more bright and beautiful.阳光的照耀下,它们看上去更加色彩鲜艳,美丽动人了。

I felt my spirits rising again as well.我感到自己的精神重又振奋起来。

I smiled and thanked Nature for this everyday miracle.我面露微笑,对大自然展现的这个奇迹而心存感恩,虽然这本是日常小事。

Those few minutes of light had filled me with joy.日光乍现的那短短几分钟让我的心充满了喜悦。

I felt renewed, ready to bring light and love to the world myself once again.我感到焕然新生,感到我本人已经准备好了,再次将光明和爱意传播到整个世界。

I walked back home grateful to Nature and amazed at what a little break in th


e clouds can do.我带着对自然的感恩步行回家,内心感到敬畏,拨云见日的景象竟然能对我产生如此重大的影响。

In our lives here we all are faced with times when the world seems cold, dark, and gray.在我们的一生中,我们都会遭遇这样的时刻,我们会觉得整个世界暗无天日,阴云密布,寒冷刺骨。

It is in these times when Nature calls on us to break through the clouds ourselves and share our light with the world.正是在这种时刻,大自然引领我们穿破惨淡愁云,引领我们发光发射,把光明与全世界分享。

It doesn't take much either. A simple hug, a kind word, a caring note can warm and uplift another's spirits.这不会花费你多少时间精力。一个浅浅的拥抱,一句善意的问候,一张写满关怀的字条,这些足以让另一个人感到内心温暖,精神一振。

A helping hand, a shared smile, a tiny act of love can shine light into another's heart.一只援助的手,一个友好的微笑,一点表达爱意的微小举动足以让光明照亮另一个人的心房。

When the gray days come then don't just sit in the dark.当阴暗的日子来临,不要傻傻的在黑暗里坐以待毙。

Break through the clouds! Share your love! Let the light shine through you!穿破阴云吧!分享我们的爱吧!让光明照亮你的生命!