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What Are Some Fruit Or Vegetable Skins That Are Edible But Most People Don't Eat? 哪些瓜果的皮能吃,但大部分人不知道?


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Not sure if this is strange, but for many years I ate mangos like apples: biting into them, peel and all. I told myself all the nutrients were in the skin. (Maybe all the pesticides too, though, I now realize.) 不知道这是否有异于常人,但多年来我一直都像吃苹果一样吃芒果:一口咬下去,连皮带肉。我告诉自己所有的营养都在它的果皮里。(但也可能是所有的农药,尽管我现在才意识到。)


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Potatoes, whether baked or mashed. I prefer to leave the peels on. 不论是烤土豆还是土豆泥,我都喜欢带皮吃。

I think it improves mashed potatoes immensely, adding a bit of earthiness to an otherwise bland food, as well as a bit of texture.我认为这大大提升了土豆泥的味道,除了增添了一些纹理,还为这种平淡的食品添加了一些清新的泥土味。


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In Central Borneo, Indonesia, we eat Cempedak or Jackfruit skin.在印度尼西亚的中央婆罗洲,我们会吃小种菠萝蜜或普通菠萝蜜的果皮。

What we do with this skin? Frist thing first, peal the outter skin cause its rough, then soak it in brine for a day.我们要如何使用它们的果皮呢?首先,表皮因为很粗糙,所以要剥下它的外皮,在盐水中浸泡一天。

And then… deep fry


it until turns brown and crispy. We dip it to sambal (spicy sauce/ chili paste) and eat it with warm rice, but well this is also a little bit oily. 然后油炸菠萝蜜果皮直至颜色变棕并酥脆。我们通常会蘸辣椒酱(辣酱油、辣椒酱),并配上一碗热米饭,但这有一点点油。


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I know it sounds strange but I eat the skin on kiwi fruit. Furry, but delicious. 我知道这听起来很奇怪,但我吃猕猴桃皮。虽然毛茸茸的,但是很好吃。