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How Do Top Students Study?真正的学霸是怎么学习的?


获得279.4k好评的回答 @Ben Leong:

Learn topics that you are taught as soon as they are introduced in class and learn them well in small chunks. 上课学到的知识要尽早深入学习,把它们分成小的模块来学。

Do your problem sets diligently and put effort into understanding the material. 勤奋地归纳问题集,努力读懂材料。

Math requires practice if you want to solve questions consistently under exam conditions. 如果你想要在数学考试中持续成功地解决问题,就要多多练习。

How much practice you need will depend on your level of maturity (in Math). 做多少习题取决于你在数学这个科目上的熟练程度。

Do not count on last minute cramming right before exams to do well.不要考试前的最后时间



Cramming might work (i.e. get you decent grades in the exams) during the first two years when the material is relatively simple, but if you don't learn the basics well, you might end up having trouble with the more advanced material that will build on the basics. 在前两年题目比较简单的时候死记硬背也许有用(比如在考试中取得不错的成绩),但是如果你不打好基础,你可能会在遇到进阶题的时候觉得困难重重——因为这些题都是建立在基础知识上的。

It might be hard to catch up once you have a gap in your understanding in the early years.一旦早期在理解方面落后,后期赶上去会非常困难。


获得100.4k好评的回答 @Rishabh Jain:

The 7 most important things that enable learning and top grades are:让你取得好成绩的七个要点:

Listening carefully in class - no just furiously taking notes. Notes can be borrowed from friends, or you can refer to reference materials later. Listen in class!在课堂上认真听讲-不要只是急着记笔记。笔记是可以向朋友借,或者你也可以借助参考资料。上课认真听!

Ask questions in class - don't be afraid to ask questions. Genuinely engage the professor and participate in class. if you can't follow, others probably can't either. 在课堂上提问-不要害怕问问题。要和老师进行真诚的互动,积极参与课堂。如果你跟不上,其他人可能也跟不上。

Go to office hours - and engage the TA / Professor利用老师办公室答疑时间-跟助教或者老师互动

Sleep on time准时睡觉


Find a good study group - ideally people who know things complementary to you, or with whom you work extremely well. 找个好的学习小组-最好是他们的观点可以对你的有所补充,或者和那些和你合作得非常默契的人一起。

Stay calm before exams - don't cram, and definitely try not to stress out during exams. The best way to do well during an exam is to stay calm before and during the exam. 考前不紧张-不要死记硬背,不要在考试中压力过大。应对考试最好的方式是在考试之前和考试过程中都保持镇静。